Loyalty, Innovation and Transparency with our customers will always be the values and drivers of our development.

Loyalty is not a hollow word. It means that by sharing the same interests, there is a better mutual knowledge, and a better, faster, and more confident work.

Innovation means the ability to offer new and better products. The secret of any company is always to improve and adapt its offer to new requirements, new technologies, and new trades, making this innovation as natural as breathing.

Transparency is a perfectly measurable quality nowadays, both in products and in the relationship with our clients. In this era of knowledge, the professionalism of the parties (MRF/Client) will always be at stake if we hide our skills and our convictions. Transparency in communication is essential to create synergies that result in clear added value for all stakeholders.


MRF aims to provide the best service, always seeking to improve the degree of customer satisfaction. With the best business partners in the market, in several areas, MRF seeks the satisfaction and loyalty of all customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Foster Human Relations
  • Promoting continuous improvement in all our services
  • Maintain and improve the relationship with clients, suppliers and employees
  • Always work with the utmost efficiency and quality

Our Mission

Help clients to carry out their projects!

Striving for quality and the desire of wanting to do and be more.
Supported by a continuous growth, sustained by experience, professionalism and transparency.

Our History



Foundation by Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira (Son)

Everything started with Mr. Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira (Son), by selling Construction Materials such as bricks, cement and sand.


Purchase of the 1st Cargo Vehicle by Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira (Grandson)

With growing demand, it was necessary to purchase the 1st vehicle for transporting materials.


Creation of the private company limited by shares

Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira (Grandson) creates a private company limited by shares and passes the control of the company to his daughters.


Purchase of the 1st IT equipment

The company is now computerized: purchase of the 1st computer and sales management system

1985 a 2000

Purchase of several vehicles

As sales increased, several vehicles, forklift trucks and wheel loaders were purchased for loading and unloading materials on worksite. The first vehicles with cranes for automated unloading were acquired.


Public Limited Company

MRF becomes a Public Limited Company


Opening of a 2nd Store

MRF expands to Caldas da Rainha after the purchase of a new space, where a 2nd store is opened


Registered Head Office at Caldas da Rainha

The Caldas da Rainha branch becomes the registered head office, while the space located at Pó keeps its facilities open (shop and worksite).



The company has several heavy vehicles of different sizes equipped with cranes and dump bodies to facilitate loading and unloading, as well as vehicles for delivery in areas of difficult access. Forklifts and wheel loaders, on a worksite for loading and unloading. Shop and covered and uncovered storage areas.

Opening hours

Working days: 7:30–13:00 | 14:00–19:00
Saturday: 8:00 - 13:00

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